After touring nationwide playing venues, music festivals, and live events for over 10 years, playing over 500 shows, the 2020 pandemic changed everything. 

I had to find a new way of doing business in a world with no in-person events, no venue shows, and no music festivals.  

During that time, I figured out how to live stream my performances from the comfort of my home studio. 

After getting back into playing in-person shows the last couple of years, I decided to play the majority of my shows from my home studio. 

I can include more people, play for a more present audience, and still get to sleep on time so that I can have a Miracle Morning the next day!

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“I’ve enjoyed working with J Hobbs and his musical facilitation for several events. I can say that he undoubtedly brings a unique and powerful energy to any room he enters. The way he uses music to connect with the audience and get them out of their heads and into their hearts is truly transformative.”

Seth Dailey

Co-Founder, Keller Williams Gateway

“What I love most about J Hobbs and what he’ll bring to your event is every word out of his mouth, every lyric that he’s written, was written with purpose, and with the intention to create an empowering experience for the human beings that are listening to his music.”

Hal Elrod

Author and Creator, The Miracle Morning