Thanks In Advance For Your Support

The Starter Pack Includes

  1. “What Am I Grateful For” bracelet w/JHobbs logo – (I cherish mine – it’s always on my wrist)
  2. Three JHobbs Stickers – (perfect for water bottles, laptops, and more)
  3. A Personally Signed Card – from me, expressing heartfelt thanks for your support. (Your support truly means the world)

This starter pack is more than just gear.

It’s more than just free + shipping ????

It’s about staying empowered through positive triggers like the questions “What am I Grateful For”

It’s about supporting each other to build a great life for ourselves and others.

I hope this J Hobbs Starter Pack empowers you in small and big ways.

I took this picture while I was making this landing page with my head of digital development Matt and my EA Mary Ann!

I’m grateful for you and your support


Jeremy aka J Hobbs

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